We were all missing Halsey’s music and here she is again, the blue-hair queen.


“Now or never” is the first single of his new album “hopeless fountain kingdom”  that will come out on June 2nd and it’s produced by Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat and Happy Perez.

From Halsey’s twitter account: @halsey

The song and music video tell us a love story about a guy and a girl who are in love despite everything that tries to ruin their love just like the story of Romeo and Juliet but in a futuristic way.

And there’s a thing in the music video that makes it so different, and it’s that if you look close, in that scene in which one of the guys is in a phone booth, there is a phone number in a poster. If you call to that phone number you will receive a message that says “You have been chosen. Make peace.”. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

What are your thoughts on this release? Have you been chosen?

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