24K are a kpop group formed by: Cory, who is the leader, Ki Su, Jeung Uk, Hui, Chang Sun, Jin Hong and Hong Seob. They made their debut on 2012, their fans are called 24U, their official colour is gold and their new song is called “Bingo”.

Those are just some of the things you need to know if you wanna become a 24K fan and what it’s better than a tour to finally fall in love with a band? 24K is in Europe now with their tour “24K Still With 24U 2017 World Tour – The Encore” with the promoter Kinetic Vibe. Tomorrow, April 7, they will be at Gotham, Madrid (7:00 PM) and the April 9 they will be at P60, Amsterdam (7:00 PM).


You can still get your tickets to see them in Madrid and Amsterdam on Kinetic Vibe website:

And to prepare for the concerts, here’s a live performance of their newest song:

Are you ready 24U?

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