Mino, Seung Yoon, Jin Woo and Seung Hoon together they form Winner which is a kpop boyband from South Korea and YG Entertainment. Their fans are called Inner Circle and their official colour is the purple blue.

They made their debut the 15th of august on 2014 because of a TV show called “WIN: Who is next”. After that they have released one studio album and an EP.

So, now that we know this, let’s meet the members:


  • Seung Hoon is a 25 years old rapperr, singer, composer, choreographer and dancer from south korea.
  • Seung Yoon, the leadder, is a 23 years old singer, actor, composer, producer and MC from South Korea.
  • Jin Woo is a 26 years old singer, dancer, model and actor from South Korea.
  • Mino is a 24 years old rapper, composer, producer, moedl and actor from South Korea.

Are you part of the Inner Circle yet?

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