After cancelling her tour because of her health problems, Selena has been working really hard in a TV series for Netflix that is called “13 Reasons Why” in which she is the producer.

“13 Reasons Why” is becoming so famous not only because Selena Gomez created it but becuase it talks about an issue that we can see in our society but rarely do something about it and it’s the problems that face teenagers. This TV series is based on the novel with the same name by Jay Asher and it tells the story of Clay Jensen, a teenager that is trying to discover the reasons why his classmate and love Hannah Baker commited suicide. Clay will discover everything about what happened listening to some tapes that Hannah recorded before commiting suicide.

Apart from producing the series, the singer decided to record a song for the original soundtrack. All of the songs in the soundtrack are incredibly good and all together make a perfect playlist but now let’s go back to Selena’s song. It is called “Only you” and it probably sounds familiar to you because it is a version of the song originally by Yazoo. This version is much more like a ballad and Selena’s voice sound so pure, inocent and beautiful.


And this is how it sounds:

We totally recomend you to listen the whole soundtrack because it really is worth it and obviously we are looking forward to start watching this TV series!

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