The 1975 is a rock band from Manchester, UK. The band is formed by four members: Matthew Healy who is the singer and guitarist, Adam Hann who is the guitarist, George Daniel who is the drummer and Ross MacDonald who is the bassist. They have four EPs and two studio albums, “The 1975” released on september the 2nd of 2013 with Dirty Hit and Polydor Record and “I Like it When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It” that was released on february 2016 and was the Best Album of the Year according to Rolling Stone and nominated to a Mercury Prize, a NME Award and a BRIT Award.

  • Somebody else: This song is one of their lateset songs from their new album with a sound so different from the ones that they have done before and lyrcs about love. The music video is a short film and you can follow the story and what happens to Matty in it.
  • Chocolate: This is one of their hardest songs because it talks about drugs but in spite of talking about this topic, it has a happy sound and beat. The music video is all in black and white and very minimal.
  • Girls: This song is one of the songs that made this band increase their popularity. They say at the beginning of the music video “we’re not a pop band” because they’re all the time fighting with all the comments saying that they are too mainstream.
  • Robbers: If you ask people about The 1975 they would probably talk to you about this song. The sound follows the beat of their other songs and the music video is again like a short film.
  • The sound: Personal favourite. During the music video of this song you can see the band singing from a cube made of glass and a lot of poeple outside the cube looking at them. You can read some comments that people have said about the band and their music like: “Do people really make music like this?”, “There’s no danger in this music at all”, “Unconvincing emo lyrics”, “This band thinks it has a charismatic singer… they are mistaken”, “Totally laking the wow factor”, “Vapid, depravative pop”.  At the end of the music video the band is outside the cube and inside there are all the people that were outside before. If you think about it, it is full of meaning and a good message, don’t let other people tell you who you are or if you are good enough or not because you are. And as I read the other day “I love haters, you keep me motivated”.

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