The south korean group is back with a new concept, a new song and a new music video and we are loving it so much!

VIXX is well known as one of the groups with the better and coolest concepts in the kpop world and this time it couldn’t be any other way, the concept is absolutely beautiful. For creating this concept they were inspired by the ancient asian traditions.

The song’s name is “Shangri-La” and it’s an R&B or pop song that uses the sound of a gayageum, which is a traditional korean string instrument, that gives the song that something different.

The music video is like a dream and aesthetically pleasing, very exotic and relaxed with a lot of contrast in the colours that they use. For the choreography they use traditional fans and they even dance in water, how cool is that! As for the clothing you see them wearing traditional clothes too and very formal outfits.

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