Nam Taehyun, the youngest member of Winner has a new song and it’s the most beaufitul and emotional thing ever.

Taehyun left Winner some time ago because of his mental illness and now he is back apparently feeling better and that is the best thing.

His new song “Hug me” is really emotional and it’s totally recommended to read carefully the lyrics because they have a lot of meaning. The lyrics talk about not being living your best moment and the need of someone who makes you feel loved.


In the music video you can see the emotion in his face and even if you don’t understand korean you feel what the song is about just looking at his eyes. He transmits so much with his face and body.

And if you want more of Taehyun, here you have a live performance of this master piece that is his new song:

We wish him the best and couldn’t be happier of hearing him again ♥

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