G – Dragon or Kwon Jiyong is back with new music, the king of k-pop is here again!


Jiyong has released today the digital version of his new EP with five songs: “Middle Fingers Up”, “Bullshit”, “Super Star”, “Untitled” and “Divina Commedia”. All of the songs are so different between one and another and all of them have something special.  ¿What is your favourite?

¿And you want to know something curious? The duration of all of the songs together it’s 18.08 which is Jiyong’s birth date. Another curiosity, if you pay attention to the name of the songs there is an intro, an outro and three acts as in the play “Divina Commedia”. And things like these are the ones that make GD the king.


With this release he has dropped also a music video for the first single which is “Untitled” and it couldn’t be better, it is so simple but so beautiful at the same time. And what is better is that apparently we can expect two more music videos for two of the songs.

But this is not everything because on July the 10th it will be the pre sale of the physical album and after that the normal sale. And because we’re talking about the king, the physical album couldn’t be a normal CD but it is going to be a USB with all of the songs and in which we can read the singer’s name, his blood type and his birth date.


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