The south Korean band Pentagon have made their comeback today and their new single is so freacking cool!

Photo taken from Pentagon’s Twitter account

Pentagon, formed by Woo Seok, HUI, Yuto, E’DAWN , Hong Seok, KINO, Jin Ho, Shin Won, YEO ONE and Yan An, has made their comeback after 6 months with a work that it’s going to be their third mini album and it’s going to be called “Ceremony”.

Photo taken from Pentagon’s social networks

The first single of the mini album is “Critical Beauty”. When this song starts, I’m sure you’re not ready for what you are going to listen to, yes, it’s a 50’s beat and that is always a good start. The song has that classic beat of one of those songs from the 50’s but then in the chorus changes completely and it starts with a very deep beat that makes you vibrate. With a catchy chorus and rythm, definitely the song marks the difference and makes this comeback one of the best of the year.


Talking about the music video, it has a dreamy vibe that catches your attention by the moment the video starts and it is because of the saturated and vibrating colours. The guys are divided by suits, I mean, half of them are wearing pink suits and half of them are wearing blue suits. Then they appear separated in couples in different scenarios and locations each couple focused in a colour which shows a lot of colour contrast amongst the different scenarios. And at the end of the music video it looks like they’re in a circus.

So, this comeback has a little bit of everything and it’s for sure a ten out of ten.

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