The South Korean band Highlight is back with their song “Calling You”.

Jun Hyung, Yo Seob, Dong Woon, Doo Joon and Ki Kwang are back with a super cool song that is very different from what they have done before. As much the rythm as the lyrics, this song is more personal and it can be seen that they feel much more identified. This song has already win in the Korean music charts.


This song and music video are part of the repackage of their album called “Calling you” as this first single. This is also their first comeback after forming Around Us Entertainment, the result of finishing the contract with Cube Entertainment and only one of them being renewed leaving the other five guys out of the company. That is why they decided to form this new agency and create a new group under the name “Highlight”.

calling you

Talking about the music video, in it they tell us a story from different points of view being each of them a different character in the same story. The idea is not new but they make it look awesome and the choreography that looks so easy is in fact really showy. The colours, outfits and shots are a ten out of ten.

And if you want more of Hightlight and this new song, here you have a live performance of it:


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