As you could read last week here on the website, Lim Heon Il (@limheonil) was in Madrid the past thursday to give a performance as part of the Korean Sound Festival organized by Centro Cultural Coreano in Madrid and we were there.

The south korean singer surprised everybody with his show called “Monologo” and they way we made this performance using drums, guitar, piano and a loop station. His performance was really outstanding and personally I wasn’t expecting it to be like that, it was a great surprise that I loved so much.

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As part of the setlist he sang various songs that are part of his solo album, various songs that belong to his band I Am Not and various songs by Bruno Mars, Adele or Coldplay. That moment when it started playing the chords from “Fix you” by Coldplay the emotion could be felt in the atmosphere.

We ended up buying his solo album and what’s better is that we could tell him how good was the concert and he signed the album. In the end it was a really cool afternoon full of good music and good people and we came out the concert loving this artist and his songs more than before.

If you wanna see a little bit more about it, here you have a small video that we could film there:

And remember, if you don’t wanna miss anything Korean related happening in Spain make sure you follow Centro Cultural Coreano for more info 😉

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