This is oficially the month of Monsta X, these guys are on fire!

During this month they have announce the repackage of their first album with more new songs, a new concept and new music video, they have started their first world tour and they have announce dates for Europe. Anything else?

Track list:

One of the things they announced was the tracklist of what is going to be the repackage of their first album and it’s called “Shine Forever”. This repackage contains all of the songs from their first album and adds 2 more new songs: “Shine Forever” and “Gravity”.

They said that this repackage wasn’t created for winning on the charts but it was created as a gift for all of their Monbebes.

Photo taken from Monsta X Twitter account


After that they dropped the teaser of the new music video for “Shine Forever” and that left everyone expecting something really really big.


And of course a preview of their 2 new songs couldn’t be missing. In this preview you can hear just some seconds of both songs and just with that you can guess the songs are going to be so good because those seconds sound so amazing.

“Shine Forever” music video:

Finally “Shine Forever” music video arrived and the song and the video itself were better than our expectations.

The song is really catchy with a beat that makes you think instantlly in Monsta X. All of their songs have like a hallmark and that is one of the best things an artist can have. And what about that beautiful rap composed by Jooheon and I.M? It is definitelly one of the best things in this song apart from the amazing vocals.

monsta lyrics

Talking about the music video, it is aesthetically beautiful and it has a story line a little bit difficult to understand but that leaves you thinking about it. They filmed the video in Jeju Island surrounded by trees, fog and lights. In it we can see a car crashing, Jooheon fighting with Minhyuk, Shownu punchng him, Minhyuk crying and Kihyun comforting him and blindfolded.. too many emotions in one single music video!

Before they released the music video they held a V Live in which Kihyun said that the new track repeats “shine forever” all the time because they will always make fans shine. To this, Shownu added that the conccept looked brighter than “Beautiful” but in fact the song isn’t actually as bright as it seems. They said that the part in which they Kihyun appears blindfolded is super important to understand the story.

Photoshoot, making film:

Today they have uploaded to their YouTube channel as well as shared on their social networks a behind the scenes of the photoshoot they did for the new concept.

Tour in Europe:

And last but not least, this month they have started their tour which is going to be their first world tour and they are going to be touring around Europe! Paris, Berlin and Moscow are the selected cities for the tour. How cool is that!

They are coming to Europe with My Music Taste, which is a platform in which you can make campaigns to make your favourite artists to come to your city or country. You can take a look at all the details about this tour on My Music Taste.

Photo taken from My Music Taste

Because all of this, June should be now known as The Monsta X month 😉

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