As a new kpop music video comes out,  lot of theories start to become popular on the internet. Today we wanted to gather together various theories about Monsta X new music video and show them all to you so let’s start!
The guardian angel.
This theory has been taken from Tumblr and here you have it:
“All of the members are involved in a car crash but only Minhyuk and Kihyun result injured. After all Kihyun dies and becomes an angel, the guardian angel of the other guys that is why he is blindfolded.
In the music video it looks like nobody see him except from Minhyuk because it was him who caused the accident. 
All the other members are really angry with Minhyuk and sad because Kihyun is not with them and that’s why Jooheon wants to hit him and Shownu finally does it.
At the end of the video, it looks like the ghost of Kihyun can finally be free because they all have healed and forgive eachother”.
Our friendship can cope everything.
This first theory comes by the hand of a spanish Monsta X fanclub called Monbebe Spain or @MonbebeSpain on Twitter.
giphy (1)
“Minhyuk and Kihyun were driving a car when they had an accident and it resulted in Kihyun being injured and unconscious. Minhyuk being scared and not knowing what to do, leaves Kihyun there all alone.
Because of the accident Kihyun goes blind and Minhyuk starts feeling guilty because maybe if he  hadn’t left Kihyun alone and he would have taken him to the hospital, Kihyun hadn’t go blind.
The atmosphere after all of this happen between all the members is really sad, they feel bad about what happened and they cannot even talk to eachother.  
Hyungwon blindfolds Kihyun because none of them is capable of looking at him and seeing him like that, it’s so sad for them.
Wonho, who seems to know that the accident and leaving Kihyun like that was Minhyuk’s fault, runs away because of the helplessness that he feels. After a while, Jooheon finds Wonho and try to know what happens to him and Wonho tell him what he knows about the car accident leaving Jooheon so angry that he goes and tries to hit Minhyuk.
Shownu that was with minhyuk at that time tries to stop Jooheon but after he tells him what has happened is Shownu who punches Minhyuk right on his face. 
Minhyuk is been left alone feeling guilty and sad but Kihyun goes with him to comfort him because he understand that it wasn’t his fault. 
Suddenly they realise about the light sticks and their healing power and all together they look for more and more light sticks until they have the amount needed to heal Kihyun and it’s in this moment when he takes off his blindfold. 
Their friendship has overtaken the problems and thay are stronger now than before, now they can “shine forever””. 
Don’t be afraid.
This theory is also from the wonderful world of Tumblr:
giphy (2)
“They are all travelling in a van and Minhyuk is driving, but suddenly something happens and they have a car accident. The only one who results injured is Kihyun who goes blind  or that is what it looks like and Minhyuk that results a little bit injured too but not as bad as Kihyun. 
After the car accident, the othe members don’t trust Minhyuk because they blame him and they won’t let them drive again. Minhyuk also feels sad and really bad about that but Kihyun, who doesn’t blame him, comforts him after Shownu punch him because he can’t cope with the preasure of what happened. 
In the end they find the light sticks and these give them enough confidence for Kihyun to take off the blindfold.” 
These are all theories and nothing has been confirmed and you, what do you think is the right one? What is your theory? Let us now in the comments.


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