The youngest member of the boyband SHINee, Taemin, is back with another japanese EP, the second one that eh releases in this language.

From this EP is his new single “Flame of love” and a another sng called “I’m crying”. The new EP will be out on July the 18th and it will have another two songs apart from the mentioned ones before.

Now, talking about this new single, “Flame of love”, it is a really different and beautiful song that sounds just like the ending of an anime. Once you stat listening to it you have to play it again and again and you will never be tired of it.


This song already has a music video and we couldn’t like it more. As all of the Taemin music videos, it is really artistic and heartfelt. There are a lot of significant moments in the music video: when flames appear while he is dancing, when those flames become a bird and the he is the bird with those wings made of fire, when he become rose petals and in the next scene he appears all surrounded by petals.. and we could mention the whole music video just like this. Apart from this, there are a lo t of things that we can relate to his other song “Sayonara Hitori” as, for example, the way he dances up on that car that it’s similar to when he dances up on the piano in “Sayonara Hitori”.

A song and a music video that have become a genuine masterpiece.

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