Up10tion is a south Korean boyband with 10 members all aged between 18 and 21 that debuted on September 2015: Gyujin, Wei, Kuhn, Bit-to, Wooshin, Hwanhee, Kogyeol, Jinhoo, Xiao and Sunyoul.

They have made a comeback with this song called “Runner” which is a powerful song with a very catchy chorus and easy to dance to. It is the first single of their new album called “Stardom” that will have 6 tracks.


Now, talking about the music video, it looks like they are in a track court running as what the name of the song says. It’s really important the colour contrast between the black and white and the warm colours as yellow, orange or red. As for the choreography, it makes you wanna dance with them whenever you hear the song.

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