K-Pop World Festival is organized by Korean Culture Center from each country that belongs to the South Korean Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea.

This is the 6th time that this contest has been taking place in Spain and the past weekend, on Saturday the 8th of July, we could live the semifinal in a theatre in the centre of Madrid.


The Korean Culture Center received more than 50 entries in the dancing category as well as the singing category from all around Spain. Out of this, 5 of each category were selected to pass to the semifinal.

During this event we could see a performance by the hand of a Koren B-Boys crew called I.O.F. Crew that have worked before with boybands as Super Junior. They were part of the jury together with two teachers, a dance teacher and a singing teacher, from a university in Korea.


The contest was amazing because the level of the participants was really high, but not doubting it there was a dance group and a singer that stood out everyone else and obviously they deserved to win the first place.


Now the winners will pass to another semifinal with all the countries that participate in this contest. This semifinal is through internet and if they win, that we are sure they are gonna win, they will pass to the final in the city of Changwon in South Korea.

From Global Stage Magazine we want to congratulate all the participants and obviously the winners, they deserve the first position better than anyone. Fighting!

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