The rapper from South Korea is here with a new EP called “Television” and the two songs that he has just released today: “Anti” and “Artist”.

The first thing he released was a teaser that left everyone guessing what could be this new concept that zico was working on:

And after that, today he has just released these two new songs that are very different between one and another and very different from his previous release that was “She is a baby”.

In the song “Anti” Zico shows us his dark side. This song has a low key and the singer said that he wanted to show the perspective of being an anti-fan (or hater as we know it) of himself. He said also that G-Soul completed the song perfectly.

As for the music video it is a little bit weird and there are some scenes that can be intriguing as the one in which he is eating an apple full of worms. Everything is in black and white to reflect the halo of the track.

On the other side ha has released “Artist” which is a song full of god vibes. Zico said that this song was for all those people that were bored of their daily lives encouraging them to not be afraid showing themselves as they are because we are all artists in our way.

The music video is really colorful, fun and his friend and member of Block B, U-Kwon, appears in it.

P.S. : We love those two mini ponytails!

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