One Ok Rock is a punk rock, rock or j-rock group from Japan formed by four members: Taka who is the singer, Toru who is the guitarist, Ryota who is the bassist and Tomoya who is the drummer.


Toru, Ryota and Alex, that now is not part of the group, were the ones who created the band in 2005 because they studied together and a while after Taka joined them. The name of the band comes from “1 o’clock” which is the time when they agreed to meet to do their rehearsals. As that name didn’t sound strong enough they decided to change it a little bit, they took the sound of “o’c” as OK and as in japanese the L and R sound are the same; “lock” sound just the same as “rock”. So their final name became “ONE OK ROCK”.


In 2007 they released their first album and since then they have released 8 studio albums, the last one called “Ambitions” in two different versions: the japanese one and the english one.


Recently they have started a contract with the company Fuel By Ramen and they have done dome collaborations with artists such as Avril Lavigne, 5 Seconds of Summer or All Time Low. They have been on tour with Sleeping with Syrens and they have have guest on their tours as the rock band Fall Out Boy. You can listen to their music also as the soundtrack of some animes and Play Station video games.

Here you have some of their music videos:

And some live performances:

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