We knew BTS’ comeback was near but we were not expecting to have comeback posters this soon, definitely Big Hit is catching everyone’s attention today.

Big Hit Entertainment, the company where BTS are from, today has started to drop a poster of each member every hour about their new comeback called “love yourself”. Each of these posters also feature some melancholic quotes written in Korean and we can see a beatiful concept here!

“If you can shine, I’ll be ok.” J-Hopebts-j-hope

“I lied, there is no reason to love someone like me.” Jiminbts-jimin-love-yourself-2

“If I could turn back time, I want to be the best man in the world” Jinbts-jin-love-yourself

“I wanna run where my heart is” Jungkookbts-love-yourself-jungkook

“It’s not the right moment so for now I’ll watch you from behind.” Rap Monsterbts-rap-monster-love-yourself

“Don’t come near me, you’ll be unhappy.” SugaBTS-Suga-Love-Yourself

“Wouldn´t you have left me If I would make a different choice?” Vbts-v

All photos have been taken from Big Hit Twitter Account: @BigHitEnt

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