BTS have been releasing these days four concept videos or teasers for their new comeback and everybody it’s going crazy because of the story behind these videos.

These are the four videos that have been released, we have been watching all of them and these are our theories if you could call it like that:

  1. All of the members are conected in couples like: Rap Monster and V, Suga and Jungkook, Jimin and J-Hope and finally Jin who is the only one that is not conected with anyone else. We think Jin is one of the most important parts of this new story.
  2. Jin is the one who can change the future because he can go back in time and change things. Maybe all the clothes we can see at the end of the last video hanging on that chair next to the mirror could be the number of times he has been going back in time to save his friends.
  3. The girls that are nest to the boyss could be a representation of their fears and not real people.
  4. Jimin hurts himself because he has done something bad to J-Hope’s girl.
  5. V writes in the bus stop and Rap Monster see it. We can read: “I’m fine / Save me”, “Won’t trust, can’t trust, don’t trust” and “tell me what is the reason”.
  6. At the end, Jin appears puting on a cap in which we can read “different but same”.

Take a look at all the videos here and tell us what are your theories 😉


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