My First Story is a Japanese rock band formed by Hiro, who is the vocalist, Sho and Teru, who are the guitarists, Nob, who is the bassist, and Kid’z who is the drummer.


They first debuted in October 2011 when they appeared in a music event sponsored by Sanei Shobo Co. for a street fashion magazine book in which they performed for the first time in front of a big audience. In November 2011 they appeared in another music event related with street fashion and people started to talk about them on social networks.

After these two performances, on April 2012, they released their first album with the record label Intact Records under their own band name.

Since then they have become more and more popular and their songs have appeared in some animes and other productions.


Curious information is that the singer, Hiro, is the younger brother of Taka, the singer in ONE OK ROCK.

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