The kings of kpop that are taking the world are back with new music and what a comeback!

Yesterday the South Korean boyband, BTS, released their new track “DNA” that is part of their new album “HER” which was also released yesterday. This music video has broken all the records on the web: it has become the fastest kpop video to reach 20 million views in less than a day, it is the 11th most viewed video of all time in the firt 24 hours and it has also become number #1 in the Youtube Trending Chart.


All of these titles are well deserved because the music video is a piece of art. It is super colorful and full of beautiful aesthetics, well produced and with a very cool choreo that, as said by the guys, it is one of the most dificult choreos that they have done.


As for the song, it is really different from their previous one which was “Not today”. It is a totally different beat and feeling, this one has a beat more similar to dance, electronic and tropical house with an incredibly catchy chorus.

Talking about the mini album, it consists of 9 songs, each one better than the previous one and there are some collaborations as the one with The Chainsmokers called “Best of me”. The songs are very different from the previous album and all of them follow the same path of dance, electronic and some rap music. And what is crazy is that this EP is, at the moment, sold out everywhere expect from Amazon, the pre-orders were sold out before releasing the music video and the normal order hours after releasing it.



There was no doubt that this comeback was going to be amazing but it is more that amazing, it is THE PERFECT COMEBACK.

Congratulations to BTS, their team, the producers and creatives and Big Hit Entertainment.

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