The South Korean rapper Bobby from the boyband IKON has released his first solo album with two amazing singles and music videos.

The rapper debuted three years ago winning the program “Show me the money” and since then his popularity has increased incredibly until now that he has debuted as a solo artist with his album called “Love and fall”.


In this album he has co-written the lyrics of the songs collaborating with other songwriters and producers like Choice 37 and Millennium.

The two music videos and singles that he has released are “I love you” and “Runaway”, two songs that are completely different and that try to recreate the meaning of the album title: one talks about the love and the other about the fall.


“I love you” is a happy, electronic and pop track with an upbeat melody that is very similar to the songs that other boybands such as WINNER have released this summer with that tropical vibe. And the other one, “Runaway” is an emotive and rap with a little bit of pop rock song that makes you think about yourself and about what you’re doing in your life, being young and a little bit lost.

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