When we knew that EXO was making a comeback back in August, we thought we could see all the boys but no, that wasn’t the case because Lay wasn’t going to make the comeback with them. That left all of us with a bittersweet but the good thing of all of this is that then we knew he was going to make a solo comeback which is incredible. His new song is here and it’s called “I need you”.

This track has a deeper meaning than we thought and  it’s because it’s a song dedicated to Lay’s grandparents. He took them to Paris, France to film this beautiful music video and to celebrate the wedding that they never had. The simple idea of having in mind his grandparents and wanting to celebrate their love is just beautiful so the song reflects all of that.

Also, the casettes that we can see in the music video have a deeper meaning for the singer. Their grandmother used to listen to music with him using casettes and when one of these didn’t work, she would call her husband to help her fix it. That idea of being together even in the little things is also in the song.

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