One of the most important and well known kpop boybands is back with their 8th album for their 8th anniversary.

As soon as some of the members left the military service, Super Junior started working on their comeback and on the 30th of October they released a teaser for the first single. What we didn’t know is that two hours later they were going to be releasing the full song!

This first release is called “One more chance” or “Don’t leave like the rain” in korean and it is a prerelease before the official one called “Black suit” that wil take place on the 6th of November. This song was composed by Donghae and co-written by Donghae and Eunhyuk who wrote the rap part of the song.

This track is a sentimental ad heartfelt pop ballad that talks about wanting a second chance in love and which shows the maturity of the boys and their melodic vocals.

As for the music video, it is all centered in blue and red tones mixing cold and warmth. We can also see rain and the memebers feeling melancholic, sad and crying.

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