Seventeen is back with their project chapter 0.5 called “Before Al1” and their new album “Teen Age”.

Before releasing their “Teen Age” album, Seventeen started releasing songs that belong to their project chapter 0.5 called “Before Al1”. They have been releasing different music videos and songs of the different units and all of them are included in their second album.

Performance Team:

Vocal Team:

Hiphop Team:


After releasing all of this music videos and songs, they have released the first single of their new album which is their second full album called “Teen Age”.

The tune, “Clap”, is a pop rock track with a lot of energy that talks about having fun enjoying new and different experiences and going out to see the world.

Its music video is aesthetically beautiful and it has a lot of colours. But what really caught our attention was the beginning because its music makes you feel as if you were watching an old movie, how cool is that!

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