After the success of their first EP, the company has decided to release a repackage with four new songs such as this beautiful ballad.

Te new song is called “Beautiful” and it’s an emotive, sentimental, soft and beautiful ballad. We weren’t expecting their comeback with a song as this one until we saw the music video prologue. That’s when we knew that this song was going to be something very very different and we were absolutely right.

The lyrics of the song have a deep meaning and are incredibly beautiful but, without a doubt one of the things that that stands out the most is the the hook that sais “i miss you so much” with the soft voices of the boys.

The music video lasts 8 minutes and it is one of those that you have to watch with a tissue in your hand because it will make you cry for sure. The story behind it could perfectly be the storyline of a drama or even a movie. It tells the story of two brothers, Daniel and Seungwu, that were separated during their childhood Both of them remember the other and they do their best to find the way to be together again. When they finally find eachother a loto f things start to happen.

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