The Package or 더 패키지 is a Korean drama filmed mostly in France and produced by JYP Pictures with Jeon Chang Geun as director and Chun Sung Il as scriptwriter.

It talks about a tourist guide called Yoon So So, played by Lee Yeon Hee, that lives and works in France at a travel agency. The story is all about one of the tourist groups that she has to work with in which each of the characters have their own personal story. The main male character is San Ma Roo, played by Jung Yong Hwa, that is the only one travelling alone. If you wanna see what happens between these characters and how their stories seem to be all conected, go watch the kdrama because it is really worth it.

And to start getting ready to watch the drama here you can listen to the soundtrack which is a variety of really cool and beautiful songs:

Fateful love – John Park

You are my baby – B1A4

The Package – Kim Na Young & Din Din

Unreal – The Ade

U&I – JB & Jackson

You look nice today – Yoon Ddan Ddan & Eunha

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