While you were sleeping or 당신이 잠든 사이에, is a Korean drama produced by iHQ with Oh Choon Hwan as director and Park Hye Ryun as scriptwriter.

The story talks about an inexperienced public prosecutor called Jung Jae Chan, played by Lee Jong Suk, that believes in justice but is not very good with social relationships. He meets Nam Hong Joo, played by Suzy and the main female character of the story, by accident. She is a journalist that can see what is going to happen in the future while she is sleeping. Since she was very little seeing the future was very hard for her but after meeting Jae Chan everything changes and she starts realizing that she is not the only one.

And what is one of the best things about this drama? The musi. Without any doubt, the music is simply wonderful. Here we bring you the songs that you can hear on this kdrama. What is your favourite?

When night falls – Eddy Kim

Lucid Dream – Monogram

I love you boy – Suzy

You belong to my world – Roy Kim

Come to me – Lee JongSuk

Words I want to hear – Suzy

Do you know – Lee JongSuk

Maze – Kim NaYoung

Today I miss you – Davichi

If – Jung Junil

I’ll tell you – Jang Dabin

At night – Punch

Words I want to hear – Suzy

It’s you – Henry


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