Pentagon is back as an 8 member group with their new track “Naughty Boy” and its music video.

This time, the 10 members that form Pentagon are not going to be together for the comeback. Yanan and Edawn are not participating and won’t be promoting this album, Yanan due to health problems and Edawn because of the latest news of him dating the singer Hyuna. We hope they come back as soon as possible fully recovered.

Talking about this new track, it is part of their new mini album called “Thumbs up” and it is a cute and fun pop song. It has been composed by Flow Bow, Hui and Edawn and written by Hui, Edawn, Wooseok and Yuto. Its title in Korean, “청개구리”, means “green frog” and it is used to refer to those children that don’t listen to their parents so they are naughty boys.

In its music video we can see the boys having fun together, dancing and jumping in different locations.

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